William Joseph

Should only rich people be entitled to stay warm and dry? Should only people who can afford it be privileged enough to enjoy the newest technologies? We think not. But beyond disposable income there the savy anglers among us who think it imprudent to spend a half a months rent on a pair of waders. In a world that too often rewards pretension, we commend you.

The New William Joseph V-2 Waders offer comfort, confidence and performance in a non smoking, moisture free environment. With articulated knees and feet, as well as some of the most breathable technical material we have ever used. The V-2 will go head to head with any wader on the river, regardless of cost.

With new Willy J features, such as a neoprene upper gasket a watertight front pocket on both the inside and out, friends and foe alike will think you spent hundreds more on your waders than they did on their fake Rolex."

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